What Braces Colors Should I Get?

| December 18, 2015

Customization is one of the major part of every product now a days, then why not braces. Its true that to choose a color of brackets or braces itself is not the only choice you have in terms of this product but there are many other customization areas in which you are encountered with a plenty of choices especially  type of braces like ceramic, invisalign and many other types of braces are there.

If you have already decided to get ceramic braces in order to keep your braces low profile, or you may opt for Invisalign because you want to keep your braces as invisible as possible then you’re probably not looking to add color to your mouth though. On the other hand, in case of typical steel braces, you have an option to add colors to  your boring  silver brackets and wires.  And this is possible with the help tiny elastics bands as they are available in several different colors and hence  allow you to colorize your mouth.

Your option of choosing colors is not limited but you can even choose different color for your every single  tooth and make your laugh looks like rainbow,  isn’t interesting? In order to do so, you can ask your orthodontists to pick colored elastics for your each tooth from a color wheel. Some  orthodontists even provides an online color selector for braces so you can test out your look virtually first and then decide.

What Braces Colors Should I Get

You will find below some interesting information about how you can add colors to your braces.

Band’s color and your skin tone

Common colors of braces include shades of red, blue, green, yellow, purple, pink and orange. At the same time gray, silver, gold and black are also popular. Colors have always a unique chemistry with yourself, as we know that some colors suits you pretty well but the same color doesn’t suits your friend. Same is with braces colors. Although no official guide for braces colors are available but skin tone is the major determinant which decide that a colors suits you or not.

If you have a darker skin tone then Gold, dark blue, turquoise, orange, green, violet or pink will be a super choice.In case of lighter skin tone, lighter blue, bronze, darker purples or blues as well as subdued tones of red or pink might complement skin tone very well.

Band’s color and color of your teeth

Skin tone is one of the most important factors but not the only one as there are many other things which you should consider like original color of your teeth and also how your teeth will appear after having colors on them in form of elastic bands. A common observation about it is bit interesting as it is said that darker colors may make your teeth appear whiter while lighter colors can make your teeth look more yellow. It is so because lighter colors are not strong and they blend with the base colors but the dark color appears itself strong without blending with the base color. This can be one of the possible reason behind it.

Band’s color and your eyes color

Most of us don’t even have a thought about it but actually our different body colors  complement each other and  due to this we have a beautiful appearance. By keeping that nature’s principle, it is also recommended  that while choosing your bands colors, don’t forget color of your eyes which are the most beautiful part of your face. So choose colors that match or complement your eyes and they will look super on you.

Band’s color and your favorite clothing color

Till today, you are used to worry about matching shoes, nail polish, handbags or other accessories but now braces are also there. Choose that colors of bands which complement the color of clothing you often wear and you will look awesome.In addition, you can choose different colors on basis of some other things like colors of your favorite sports team, colors that show your patriotism, Christmas colors like red or green as well as blue and pink for Easter. Some bands are looking clear in light but glow in the dark, you can use them  for Halloween.

Colors of bands you should avoid

There are also some colors you may want to avoid like:

  • White elastics are mostly the first choice of patients because they appear neat but this is the story of first one or two days. As white elastics can stain more easily that’s why after one cup of tea or coffee, the neatness of white bands go away. White bands may actually make your teeth appear more yellowed.
  • Black elastics may mimic rotting teeth or food in your teeth which is obviously awful. Green or brown elastics may also be mistaken for food in your teeth.
  • During braces treatment usually enamel of teeth get damaged and teeth appear slightly yellow, yellow elastics will intensify this effect.

If you’re still unsure about how a color will look on your teeth, ask your orthodontist for recommendations based on your natural enamel color. And if you are daring enough, then give at least one  try to each color as you can change it at your next visit to your orthodontist, most probably after three or four weeks. Have fun.

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