Physicians Mutual Dental Insurance Reviews

| May 8, 2017

Learn all about physicians mutual dental insurance plans Physicians Mutual Insurance, found online at, is a nationwide insurance company which provide insurance policies of all kinds to benefit the average American worker. The company was founded in 1902 as an insurance provider for medical professionals. Through trial and tribulation, Physicians Mutual Insurance has maintained a common standard, providing insurance products customers need to live a better life.

Dental insurance is a tricky product. Physicians Mutual provides supplemental dental insurance to individuals and families. Currently Physicians Mutual Insurance offers Medicare Supplements, Life Insurance, including Whole Life, Term Life, and Juvenile Whole Life, Dental Insurance, Accident Insurance, Supplemental Health, Annuities, Funeral Pre-Planning Services, and more.

In the Physicians Mutual Dental Insurance review, the complaints in the product/service include the value over cost and the claim procedure. Some users also had problems with their PMDI sales agents who are not professional. While all these complaints may be true in some cases, the fact is a lot of people have had a good experience with the company.

The prices of dental insurance vary, with most policies costing between $150 and $600 in annual premiums. Dental insurance policies cost an average of $300 per year. Dental discount programs are another option to help you save money on dental costs, with premiums as low as $7.99 per month. Physicians’ Mutual health insurance policies include a variety of options to protect policyholders from financial losses due to illness. These options include basic health care, long-term care and dental insurance coverage.

Unfortunately all insurance companies suffer from very mixed reviews, because different customers will have different needs, circumstances, and experiences. Customers who are curious about a specific policy should look for reviews or experiences of that specific policy, as that will offer more beneficial information than general Physicians Mutual reviews.

Physicians Mutual Dental Insurance Reviews

Honest Physicians Mutual Dental Insurance Review

Physician’s Mutual offers both deferred and immediate annuities to provide long-term income for retirement. These policies are a tax-deferred investment option. There are two types of dental insurance, which are discount dental insurance and mutual dental insurance. We personally prefer the latter, and Physicians Mutual dental insurance is one of the companies that offer such service. We’ve gone through some investigation to learn what people say about this product. Although the official site claim that the premium can be as low as 1$ a day, we have to admit that you have to dig your pocket deeper than that to get a good coverage. This dental insurance is rather expensive. The waiting periods are typically the same with other insurance. There is no waiting period for preventive care, the basic care is covered after three months, and major care is covered after 12 months.

Physicians Mutual Dental Insurance Pros

Physician’s Mutual dental insurance provides coverage for more than 350 procedures. Benefits vary depending on the type of plan you choose. Cigna is a financially sound insurance company and has a very large dental provider network with over 70,000 dentists. While you can choose an in-network or an out-of-network provider, your greatest savings are realized by using a dentist from the PPO network. Dental plans cover routine exams, x-rays and cleanings twice yearly. Dental Preventive, pays 100% but only covers preventive services. There is no limit to your benefits. Physicians Mutual ranks high in customer satisfaction surveys, and doesn’t have many complaints, especially when it comes to its dental insurance.

Physicians Mutual Dental Insurance Cons

This can benefit you if you are a careful shopper. You can compare the price of dental procedures to the benefits and find a good dentist that best matches the price. It can help you budget as well, since you know exactly what each procedure will cost and what you’ll get back. It does not set a limit on the benefits you can receive, but it does pay those directly to you, and you are responsible for your dental bill.

Physicians Mutual Dental Insurance Verdict

This company offers three plans, which have the same rates no matter where you live. Other dental headgear braces insurance agencies charge you different rates depending on your location, gender and, sometimes, if you are a smoker or nonsmoker. In turn, Physicians Mutual pays out the same amount for a procedure no matter where you live or what your dentist charges. In addition, Physicians Mutual sends the reimbursement directly to you, and you are responsible for making any payments according to the dentist’s schedule. As such, it’s worth taking time to price dental procedures in your area and compare them to Physicians Mutual’s payout list to see if you would save with this insurance.

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