Becky G teeth Gap and Whitening with Braces

| August 22, 2016

Becky G, a well-known singer had always big dreams. Becky made the decision to embark on a musical career when she was nine, quite early for such a decision. She started her career at the most popular platform nowadays, i.e. Youtube, yes, she posted remixes to hit songs on YouTube and caught the attention of critically acclaimed producer, Dr. Luke.

Now, she is of 18, and already not only an established singer but a songwriter as well as rapper in the music game who has collaborated with music industry heavyweights such Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull, and Will.I.Am. Recently, Becky G participated in the “Truth” campaign by creating its theme song, “Left Swipe Dat,” that encourages people to stop smoking.

Like every person, she has some facts that are not known but as she is a celebrity now so people are really interested to know what she did and what she is doing especially about facts about her appearance. In this article, you will find some hidden facts about her signature look, yes you are correct, about her teeth gap and what she has done to make her smile brighter and shiny.

Most of the celebrities or other famous people have a story behind their decision to jump in the careers where they are shining now. Becky-G is also one among such people. Although she celebrated the her18th birthday on March 2, but as per her statement, she had a mid-life crisis at ninth year of her age that prompted her to decide the direction in which she wanted to go.

Becky G teeth Gap and Whitening with Braces

At that time she did choose music industry and time has shown that her decision was correct. At the time, Becky and her family were struggling financially and living in her grandparents’ garage. She wanted to make a better life for her family, so Becky G decided at age nine that she wanted to try her luck in music and two years later, people are just amazed by her rapping skills.

Becky G teeth Gap and Whitening with Braces

Gomez spent her tween years holding it down in commercials. By her early teens, she was writing her own music, singing in all-girl pop bands and posting videos to YouTube as mentioned above.

If you are a big fan of Becky G’s voice and her rapping skills, that’s why you are interested to know each and every information about her, then keep reading and you will find interesting facts about her signature feature, and what she has done to maintain this gap in a way that it is looking more beautiful.

Becky G teeth Gap, her signature look

If you see Becky G as attentively as you hear her music, then you already know that she has a gap between her two front teeth. Dedicated Blasters will know that the singer always proudly flaunts the feature that makes her sunny smile so beautiful, some other fans may not have even noticed it at all! In an interview, the star admitted that she hasn’t always loved what made her different, but now she knows it’s just something that makes her who she is!

She said that it would be lie if she said that she had always embraced the gap in her teeth. I think it’s part of growing up to learn that imperfection is actually perfection, and you also learn to love yourself for the way that you were created, as she said. She has even previously shared on Instagram that her gap is “here to stay.”

Becky G loves her teeth gap

Yes, she simply loves her gap and it’s not going anywhere. This is somewhat, which is additional to her impressive rap skills and vocals, about which she claims that her fans love, but her haters hate. But by having this gap still proves that she doesn’t pay any attention to what her haters think. In an interview, she revealed that she embraces the gap in between her teeth and it’s here to stay.

Here is what she said about her teeth gap:“It’s funny because so many people have assumed, they’re like, ‘Wow, aren’t you rich now? Couldn’t you afford braces?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, I could afford braces, but why should I change myself to be what everybody else wants me to be when I’m OK with who I am and I’m happy with who I am?’

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