Why do People Wear Headgear Braces?

| October 11, 2015

Learn why do people wear Headgear Braces!

Not everyone is naturally blessed with well-aligned teeth.  Sometimes the help of an orthodontist is very much needed. Braces are the best bet when it comes to giving your teeth the perfect shape and they are available in a variety of forms.

You can either go for traditional metallic braces or the more latest off-white ceramic or the invisibly clear ones. However, in most of the cases a head gear is required to support them to get rid of any spaces present between the teeth and to stop their growth in the wrong direction.

Headgear Braces is an orthodontic device which is attached with the braces for the proper movement and growth of the jaws and teeth. Headgear Braces typically comprises of:

  • Bands which are attached with the molars
  • A U-shaped wire through which the bands are connected to the headgear
  • A headpiece which is used to slide behind your neck or your head to keep it in place

Why do People Wear Headgear Braces?

The purpose of a headgear braces is to align the lower jaw in a correct position by stopping the back teeth from moving in the forward direction. It also helps in stopping the creation of space between the teeth. The headgear also aligns the lower jaw properly with the upper jaw by making the teeth grow in just the right direction.

The purpose to wear headgear braces are used is to lessen the misalignment present in the maxilla (upper jaw) and the mandible (lower jaw). A headgear is mostly used in such cases where a lot of misalignment of the teeth is present, which cannot be overcome with the help of traditional wires and braces. It also makes the chewing of the food easier and helps in reducing the chances of over or under biting.

Why do People Wear Headgear Braces

The headgear braces can be customized according to the requirement. It can pull teeth upwards or backwards, and even forward based on how much the teeth are improperly aligned. Headgear is mostly worn by children as their jaws are still growing, and very rarely by adults.

Types of Headgear Braces

There are two types of orthodontic headgear braces which are used by the orthodontists:

  1. Facebow Headgear Braces

    Facebow Headgear Braces is the most commonly used headgear. It attaches itself to the upper molars with the help of wire bow. The wire bow is then connected to the headpiece with a strap which helps in adjusting the headgear behind your neck or on your head.

  2. J Hook Headgear Braces

    The J Hook Headgear Braces attaches with your braces with the help of two wire loops. It then is attached to the head piece with the same regular strap which sits either on your head or at the back of your neck.

How Long it takes to get use to with Headgear Braces?

It takes some time to get familiar with wearing a headgear braces, especially when you are sleeping. You will experience tenderness in your teeth during the initial 4 to 5 days. In such instances, you can take a painkiller as prescribed by your doctor. The discomfort in your jaws will disappear within the very first week, so do not take it off as then you will have to again repeat the whole process o getting accustomed with a headgear all over again.

How Long to Wear Headgear Braces?

Usually your orthodontist will tell you the time duration during which you should wear headgear braces. Usually orthodontists advise 8 to 14 hours every day. You are not expected to wear it when you are not at home. But it is advised to wear the headgear for a few extra hours when you are at home, to make up for time you did not wear it. To make sure that you wear the headgear for an ample amount of time, keep a daily chart of how long you wear a headgear daily, with you.

Remember, the more you wear your headgear, the earlier your teeth will be properly aligned. As a result, you can stop wearing the head gear altogether.

Cares Required for Wearing Headgear Braces

While the orthodontists teach their patients how to put on and take off a headgear, however it is really important to follow some points of headgear protection.

  1. Always wear the safety strap which comes with your headgear. It is mostly white in color and keep your headgear in place.
  2. If you are wearing a facebow then make sure that the hooks which are present at its ends are properly connecting with the back of the molar bands.
  3. When you are about to remove the facebow, make sure to remove both the safety straps and the other headgear straps initially.
  4. Take off the headgear in one go by removing the facebow and pulling the straps over your head simultaneously.
  5. If your headgear detaches easily or does not fit in properly, then immediately visit your orthodontist.
  6. Make sure that you do not wear the headgear while performing any sort of physical activities.
  7. There are certain instances when the reports of eye injuries have been reported because of problems related with the headgear. In such an instance, immediately visit a practitioner.
  8. Make sure to take your headgear off while you are eating or drinking.
  9. Remove the headgear before brushing your teeth as well.
  10. There are special toothpastes available for those who wear headgears. You can get one from your nearest drugstore and start using it as well.

Headgear braces is a great device to get your teeth properly aligned. It helps in not only maintaining a good oral health, but also gives your personality an overall good impression. You should make sure not to miss any appointment with your orthodontist and take your headgear with you on every visit. Do let your orthodontist know immediately if there are any types of issues present with your headgear, to avoid any type of problems which may harm the alignment of your teeth.

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