Tom Cruise teeth and Smile Before and After Braces

| August 18, 2016

Before discussing Tom Cruise teeth and smile before and after braces, please bear the fact that all celebrities are not born with perfect aligned teeth. Some of them may be but not all. It is a fact that once the stars hit fame, they decided it was time to give their smiles a little makeover. It can be ranged from whitening to straightening, veneers to braces, the ladies, and gents of showbiz industry all tweaked their teeth in order to achieve the ultimate celeb super-smile.

It’s useless to say that how important for actors, singers, politicians and even athletes, the perfect teeth are. Their faces are actually the most important part of the product they are selling. It really doesn’t matter, which role they are playing in a film, it’s important to have a memorable, trustworthy smile in their fields of work.

Cosmetic dentistry options include bonding, teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, crowns (caps), gum grafts, removal of teeth or gums, tooth structures, dental implants, and fixed bridges. There are some celebrities that did wear braces only for fashion and to show solidarity with the people who have to wear braces due to medical reasons.

But Tom cruise is one who wore braces to make his smile perfect. When we think about him, the first thing that comes to our minds is his great breathtaking smile, big white teeth in perfect alignment. To have that million-dollar mug, he went through the painful process of wearing braces. Cruise is not the only one who’ve gone to a cosmetic dentist to change the appearance of their teeth, but there are many others in the industry also.

Tom Cruise wisely got his cosmetic dentistry procedures done early in his career. Due to that, we don’t even remember him without his signature smile. Most of us remember him even due to his perfect smile.

Tom Cruise teeth and Smile Before and After Braces

Tom Cruise teeth and Smile Before and After Braces

You are big fan of Tom cruise and like me, the most attractive part of his personality is his big perfect smile. Then continue reading, its quit interesting till end.

All stars aren’t born with perfect smile

With the media exposure that celebrities receive, it become important for them to have a perfect smile. As we know that smile and teeth are the most noticeable thing on our face. But it’s also true that despite the wish to have such perfect smile, a common man can’t afford cosmetic dentistry.

Having a Hollywood smile makeover however, it not just for the rich and famous. If you are wondering about smile makeover cost, this will vary widely depending on what specific work you need.

Some stars have paid as much as $50,000 to get their perfect smiles. Implants and veneers are not something that anyone can afford, it can cost anywhere from $5,000 to as much as $40,000 depending on the number of teeth repaired as well as the specific dentist chosen. Teeth whitening and other procedures are less expensive then braces.

When Tom decided to wear wires

It was early 2002, when Tom Cruise decided to fine tune his teeth and to do so, he got braces. Although he only had them on for a few months but was enough to make his smile perfect one. He opted to get a regular wire with invisible brackets.

Now a days, it very popular to get an invisible wire, have its own pros and cons. It takes usually weeks to make and isn’t as strong as a regular wire, positive side, you can wear it without any embarrassment. Before braces, when Cruise was younger, his teeth were a total train wreck, which can be seen in early career. His pictures from that time are available, you can Google them.

Other cosmetic dentistry he got

We have seen him as a super star of “Risky Business,” “Mission Impossible,” “Top Gun” and many other hit movies. But hardly any one of us remember that he started his career with discolored, out-of-alignment teeth. But he has decided at the right time to change them.

Tom Cruise got several cosmetic dental procedures in order to whitening and straightening his teeth. He is not alone, in real there are number of celebrities who had gaped, stained, crooked or even chipped and missing teeth at some point. Hollywood dentists have performed thousands of procedures to repair these problems. There are a number of dentists in the New York area as well that perform dentistry to the stars.

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