Snap-On Smile Reviews: Cost, Advantages, Problems

| January 17, 2017

Learn all about Snap-On Smile reviews about it and all about its cost, advantages and problems associated with it. Snap-On Smile is an easily affordable, non-invasive and completely reversible cosmetic removable arch that can easily and painlessly give you a beautiful smile.

Snap-On Smile is an affordable and life-changing solution for people of all ages. Getting a Snap-On Smile simply requires two, short, painless visits with no drilling, no shots and no change in tooth structure. Snap-On Smile’s unique, proprietary formula of hi-tech dental resin makes it very thin yet extremely strong. It fits right over your own teeth to give you a beautiful, natural looking smile even if you have stains, chips, gaps or missing teeth.

Snap-On Smile is a patented, easy and painless way to obtain a beautiful smile. It was invented by a dentist who realized that not everyone can afford thousands of dollars to get a Hollywood smile make-over. After years of extensive research and development, your dentist can now provide you with a Snap-On Smile that is thin and strong with the look of natural teeth. You can eat and drink with your Snap-On Smile. It’s easy to care for and can be a temporary or permanent cosmetic solution. It’s available for upper and lower teeth.

81% of 31 CR Evaluators stated they would incorporate Snap-On Smile into their practice. Many dentists regard headgear braces temporization as one of the most difficult aspects of full-mouth restoration. Snap-On Smile is not only an excellent provisional; it also provides patients exceptional esthetics. It can last for years, yet is affordable enough to be temporary. For patients who are hesitant to commit to more involved restoration treatments, Snap-On Smile gives them the experience of living with better function and superior esthetics.

Snap-On Smile is ideal for people who can’t afford or aren’t candidates for bridges or dental implants.
There are also a few difficulties with these products. Since they just cover over the existing teeth, a person whose incisors stick out already (proclined) will find it too difficult and unsightly to wear something other the top. A smaller disadvantage is that in the UK the number of dental technicians capable of making this device is not very many, and the molds taken by dentists here are often sent to the US for processing, resulting in a turnaround time of several weeks.

Snap-On Smile Reviews: Cost, Advantages, Problems

Snap-On Smile Reviews

Snap-On Smile is a removable tray that fits over your own teeth to give the appearance of a natural-looking smile. It’s made from a resin that’s thin but still strong, allowing you to eat and drink without removing the tray. Snap-On Smile is ideal for people who can’t afford or aren’t candidates for bridges or dental implants. It is good but not for all type of people. Doctor Saliba at Selective Dentistry George Saliba DDS in Corona Del Mar, CA says that not one product, veneers, crowns, implants, Snap-On-smile is a perfect solution that fits everyone, it’s important for you to find a good dental office, that first cares about your oral health and you must rely on the opinion of your dental professional to guide you in the right direction based on your dental needs.

Snap-On Smile Cost

The typical cost for Snap-On Smile near Dubai ranges from $750 – $3,100 with an average cost of $1,800 near Dubai and an average of $1,800 from all locations. Costs vary by surgeon, geographic region, and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 5 patient reviews near Dubai and 5 reviews submitted on Real Self.

Snap-On Smile Advantages

Some of the advantages of Snap-On Smile are:
•    Far less expensive, invasive, or time consuming than orthodontic procedures, dental implants or permanent veneers.
•    The Snap-On Smile is completely reversible no need to prepare or alter your existing teeth.
•    Lightweight and comfortable to wear doesn’t pinch your gums or cover the roof of your mouth.
•    You can eat and drink with it in.
•    Can protect teeth from further damage in patients who grind their teeth (bruxism).
•    Drill-less: This system requires no drilling to your tooth surfaces, with all the advantages that brings.Some extreme phobics may find this appealing.

Snap-On Smile Problems

The Snap-On Smile doesn’t actually FIX any dental problems or permanently make over your smile.  It is a unique, temporary cosmetic device that instantly improves the appearance of your teeth.

Dental problems that this appliance is able to conceal include:
•    Gaps between teeth
•    Crowded teeth
•    Badly stained or discolored teeth
•    Teeth that are worn down (i.e. from grinding your teeth)
•    Missing teeth (it’s a lifesaver if you’re not a candidate for implants!)
•    “Loss of facial height” due to worn or missing teeth
•    Appearance of a “gummy” smile
•    Limited lifespan: These are a temporary in nature, and will loosen over time. Don’t expect the budget options to last very long, and ask your dentist about the life expectancy of whatever system they use.

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  1. Sherbano

    I had one dental implant done, the adjacent tooth became loose after extraction, the loose tooth will soon fall off. I don’t want another implant. Can I get snap on smile?


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